Advanced System Monitoring and Alerts

Using multiple state of the art technologies our ASM is able to detect issues before they are presented to the end user.

We know if your server is down at 2 AM!

And with our Secure Remote Access we can further identify the issue and work to provide resolution before the next business day.

Secure Remote Support

Providing secure remote support to customers around the nation.  Using only HIPAA compliant security protocols.  With user permission we are able to do an instant support session.  This is in addition to our regular as needed support for contracted customers.

Team of Highly Trained Professionals

Our support team is composed of highly trained professionals.  Many of our staff have medical background and a combined experience level of over 50 years of Medical IT.

We emphasize with the customers on the other side of the support line who may have a patient in need.

A Guiding Light in the Medical IT World.

For over 20 years Elite Support Center has been providing medical grade support to medical and regular businesses.

Ensuring industry compliance, we are versed in HIPAA, HI-TECH, AHCA and more.

Utilizing Advanced System Monitoring, we know the health of your systems 24/7/365. We are able to identify trends and bring forward key information that would not otherwise be available.

Secure remote access allows us to quickly access a system and troubleshoot issues day or night.

While we specialize in Medical clients, we provide the same Medical-Grade support regardless of your business type.  We understand you cannot be without your computer if you wish your business to operate properly.

Caring, compassionate, knowledgeable are some of the words that describe our staff.  We feel the frustration of a slow or non-functioning system and with empathy and direction we will work to resolve the matter.  We understand the user may have questions and we pride ourselves in always listening and responding with respect.



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