Site experienced the loss of their prior IT person due to serious illness and without coverage they did not have a solution to their multiple issues.

The site was experiencing severe system outages including which were impacting their computers, IP Phones, and parts of their patient call system. Elite Support assessed the system and drafted a multiple-step solution. Various issues were found including network loopbacks, duplicate IP assignments, and severe network congestion from the camera system.

The camera system was logically and physically separated onto an isolated network from the rest of the equipment.

The loopbacks were identified and removed. Equipment was upgrading, replacing failing network switches with Unifi managed solutions.

WiFi network was assessed and all AP’s were configured in a stable mesh solution to allow movement across the entire facility while maintaining the same network connection.

Full isolation of client and administration networks were completed – confirming network restriction and HIPAA and HI-TECH compliance.

Full documentation of the entire facility, network logic, switches, Access Points, devices, PBX (IP) Phones, camera systems, and more were created and provided in a Core Customer Information. This CCI is critical as it contains all key information on the network, computer systems, credentials, support contacts, and more – in one central location. It is a living document that is constantly updated with change control to ensure compliance and security.

After hours work was performed for most of the project to lessen the impact on the residence and staff.

Summary: The customer is satisfied with a stable and solid solution. Knowing they have everything documented and our support and assistance is a phone call or text message away!