Elite Support Center has over 30 years in the IT world, with some of our staff experiences dating back to the early ’80s. Versed in Medical and Security appliances including Unifi, Barracuda, Sonicwall, etc. working with the Fortinet was a straightforward task with great success.

Elite Support Center has worked extensively with UPS Corp Support on Level 1 and Level 2 support issues. This has provided our company incredible insight into the technical operations of the UPS Store. We have hard documentation on how the Fortinet is configured, port mapping, firewall rules, IP address configuration, and equipment logical and physical layout.

We have the hard experience on how systems should and should not be configured. Knowledge on how the Printers work with Fiery system adding communication from the Customer workstation and the Manager workstation.

Allow us to benefit your company from our hard-learned experiences. Our experience will save you money – as there there would be little learning on how the systems are configured.