What started out as concerns about some sloppy wiring turned into a complex task, with two techs over multiple days.

Multiple issues were found with the internal wiring behind the wall plates which caused intermittent issues.

Some work by outside people led to network connections not aligned in their proper location.

Multiple wiring runs were repaired, hours were spent with UPS standard and advanced support. Full understanding and documentation of the layout of the facility was created.

Customer computer, network printers, back admin systems were properly placed on the network.

Fortinet router was mapped and documented for proper configuration.

Electrical conditioners were wall-mounted, wires were hidden behind runners and equipment moved off of the floor to prevent water damage in case of a flood.

Customer Core Information (CCI) document was created with diagrams demonstrating where and how the system was routed to ensure future successful operation without issues.

SUMMARY: Owners and managers were pleased with the end, and no further issues have occurred since the completion of the project.